Alcohol Awareness Month

April means spring has sprung, and that Alcohol Awareness Month has begun! This year’s theme is ‘Help for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.’ As alcoholism continues to afflict millions of individuals and their loved ones, Alcohol Awareness Month is a national campaign dedicated to raising awareness and reducing the stigma attached to alcohol abuse and addiction.

Problem drinking can cause many more serious illnesses, including cardiovascular disease, cancer and liver disease – not to mention the emotional toll excessive drinking can take on individuals and their loved ones. Warning signs of alcohol abuse include:

▪   Flushed skin

▪   Drinking alone or in strange places/circumstances

▪   Blackouts

▪   Violent behavior

▪   Memory loss 

Help for Today. Hope for Tomorrow.

This month, local and state events will work to educate people about treatment and alcoholism prevention. Schools also use this month to teach students about the dangers of underage drinking and other groups work to encourage families to get help and information. Join the cause, and check with local municipalities for events near you.

How will you celebrate Alcohol Awareness Month?

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