Tangible Goals For Losing Weight the Healthy Way

Back in June, Science Daily posted an article that sparked my attention, about a new drug that increases sensitivity to leptin – a hormone in the body that acts as a natural appetite suppressant Researchers, who have only tested the drug on mice, are hopeful that it will help treat obesity, manage metabolism and maintain weight long-term loss.

A new compound called JD5037 was tested for this drug that targets CB1R — anti-obesity drugs created to help stave off the “munchies” produced by marijuana. JD5037 suppressed the appetite of obese mice, causing them to lose weight loss and get their metabolism back on track.

Look, everyone who knows and follows me knows how passionate I am about helping to beat obesity. Millions are overweight and risk heart disease, diabetes and other horrible diseases, not to mention the emotional and mental implications of food addiction. I’ve lived this myself — when I was 40, I lost more than 70 pounds. And while new drugs like the one mentioned in Science Daily may sound exciting in this modern age of amazing advancement in science and technology, the only guaranteed solution to weight management is a change in mindset. A lifestyle change. Believable Hope!

Just as crash diets don’t usually work, quick fixes and diet fads don’t, either. At FitRx, we don’t recommend these things. We recommend time and commitment. What appetite suppressants don’t take into account is that weight loss is about transforming your emotional life just as much as it is your physical.

Here are some tried-and-true tips straight from Believable Hope:

  • See yourself as slender. Visualize your ideal body weight – see yourself succeeding!
  • Remove all the junk food from your house! Yes, I know… it’s hard… but you have to!
  • Come up with a game plan, and keep track of your food intake and goals.
  • Walk before you run. Don’t start by running 6 miles a day… start by walking and gradually create a more intense workout that fits into your game plan.
  • Surround yourself with positive influences, not people who feed into your addiction or encourage you stay unhealthy and/or unhappy.
  • Instead of saying, “Oh no! I gained 3 pounds this week!” say, “Okay, I will do better next week!”
  • Go to support meetings where other people are fighting similar battles.
  • Find a sponsor, mentor or someone who will share insights with you and serve as a role model who keeps you accountable and motivated.
  • Integrate healthier eating and regular exercise into your lifestyle.

Tangible goals and belief in yourself are crucial to losing weight the healthy, lifelong way, and if you don’t have Believable Hope, you won’t have tangible goals or self-motivation. When you change your mindset, you change your life, and while appetite suppressants, meal replacement programs and diet pills all may find you skinny on the outside for a while, it’s the stuff within that equally matters.

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