Story of Hope: Recovery Is A Process

A Wyoming news channel recently reported on Bekah Deahl, a woman with a very powerful recovery story of believable hope.

In its article entitled, “Recovering drug addict shares story of struggle, hope,” we learn that as an adolescent, Bekah struggled with her weight and poor self-esteem – which led to an eating disorder throughout college – which, in turn, led to an unexpected addiction to pills throughout her adulthood.

After giving birth to her daughter, Bekah became clean until she was prescribed painkillers for medical issues. The pill abuse opened the door to cocaine addiction before she made several attempts at rehabilitation to no avail.

In July of 2011, Bekah overdosed. The following month, she was in a serious car accident. Nothing could stop her failed attempts at breaking the cycle of drug abuse, detox, rehab and back to drug abuse again. She said, “I had turned into a person I didn’t know, they didn’t know. I was stealing from people, stealing from people I had known for years and that loved me. Stealing from my parents, I was taking my dad’s pain medication.

Bekah has now been in faith-based treatment for five months, with one more month to go – and she is doing an amazing, ready to focus on repairing her relationships with family and loved ones. She now “looks to a higher power for the courage to make sure this time is different.”

Bekah says, “I left my life a mess, and I am going to have to put it together.”

In the process of developing believable hope, beware of setting unrealistic goals. For example, some people want to lose fifty pounds in a week, and that simply isn’t going to happen. The change has to be incremental, with a workable plan, and progressive results to become permanent.

Source: WYMT TV

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