Campers Raise Recovery Awareness – In An Igloo?!

The Northeast has been feeling the brunt of the winter season – the town, of Bangor, Maine being one of them. And while the residents of Bangor hunkered down for yet another snowstorm this past weekend, four of them spent the weekend freezing in an igloo for 3,000 minutes. That’s 50 hours. Why on earth would they do that?

For a project called 3,000 Miles for Recovery. Those 3,000 minutes represented the 3,000 miles the members – who are in recovery themselves – plan to hike this spring (from Bangor to Phoenix) to raise money and awareness for addiction recovery and recovery options, to organizations and people they meet along the way.

H. Blake Manz is the organizer of 3,000 Miles for Recovery. He says, “It’s real common to hear people’s struggles with drugs and alcohol in a negative light… we wanted to get the message across that there is recovery. There is another side to it. People every single day live, I think, a productive life.”

Zachary Winship is a member of 3,000 Miles: “One of the things they teach you when you’re doing recovery is to pass the message along and that will actually help keep you sober. Seeing these people come in with nothing, no hope, and seeing them a couple months later going out and getting a job, starting work, bringing their family back together it’s amazing to see.

Fellow member Jody Forrest says, “That’s what we are trying to bring back to the community. It’s not only productive people, but families. It brings families back together when people are recovering.”

The hike will take about 126 days; what an incredible story of believable hope.

Visit the group’s Facebook page to stay connected with these brave, inspiring souls.

Source: WLBZ2 News

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