NYC Mayoral Hopeful Comes Clean About Her Addiction

imagesChristine Quinn is Speaker of the New York City Council – the first female and first openly gay person to hold this prestigious position. And when she recently announced her candidacy to run for New York City mayor, Christine also opened up about her battles with bulimia and alcohol.

For a decade, Christine binged, purged and abused alcohol as she struggled with her mother’s cancer and subsequent death while she was in middle school. Loneliness and self-pity took control.

She told the The New York Times, “…the bad thing about isolation is I think it fuels more isolation.”

At the age of 26, Christine entered treatment in Florida after beginning her career in politics  following college. She has been sober and successful ever since, and married her partner last year.

“Asking for help, going to the rehab, dealing with bulimia, cutting back on drinking, getting drinking out of my life altogether — all of that helped me put the pieces back together.”

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