Focus On the Step Ahead

The Behavioral Health team at FitRx recently shared with us some words of wisdom:

When faced with the daunting task of change and growth, we often look at the picture of what we want to become and say, ‘There is no way I can get there.’ It is human nature to focus on the end result of what we want to be, instead of focusing on the step ahead of us.

One of the reasons we humans think this way is because often the struggle to change and grow can be grueling. If we focus on the reward, we keep our eye on the prize, we can hopefully garner enough motivation and hope to trudge through the labors that lie ahead.  The problem with this thinking is that we delude ourselves to thinking that we don’t see the struggle ahead, when really we are more aware of it than we would ever care to admit.

When we learn to focus on the struggle rather than on the end result we actually end up gaining much more than we bargained for. It is in the struggle that we learn that change and growth are actually a natural part of the human experience. Like an acorn grows into a mighty oak without any concentrated effort on its part, people are designed to grow and develop. The true task for change and growth is to remove obstacles that hinder the natural process. When we are able to identify our own resistances, and the hurdles that are in our way, we can then put ourselves to the task of removing them.

Our task as humans is not to grow, but rather to clear the debris that keeps the natural process from happening.

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