From Low Self-Esteem to Beauty Queen

Bree Boyce weighed over 200 pounds and wore a size 18. Three years later, she earned the title of 2011 Miss South Carolina.


Bree Boyce used Believable Hope’s Essential Element #4: she put her plan into action.

In a family of skinny people, Bree was burdened throughout her childhood by what so often plagues those with weight issues: a slow metabolism and love of junk food. Relying on snacks and TV to get her through, Bree grew up with a horrible sense of self-esteem. At school, she assumed the role of “funny fat girl,” hitting 234 pounds when she was just 17. At her heaviest, she went to the doctor.

“If you don’t lose weight, Bree, you’re going to die,” he said, and handed her a parking sticker for the handicapped. And this was Bree’s epiphany. A scary warning and a sticker that hit home were all it took to snap her into Believable Hope.

She established an action plan.

She set short-term goals.

She started working out.

She kept track of her food intake.

She set a goal of losing five pounds within a month.

In three years, Bree lost 112 pounds and went from a size 18 to a size two.  She entered the 2011 Miss South Carolina pageant — and won — and was able to represent her state, her family and herself at the Miss America pageant. She remains active and healthy, and helps young people all over the country by speaking about about healthy eating and exercise.

I describe Bree’s story in my book, but I’m blogging about her here so you can see a first-hand account of the Essential Elements in action. Bree told me, “You can be slim, and still be eating poorly and not getting the nutrition your body needs. “It is about finding that beautiful person you were created to be.” She couldn’t be more right.

Bree Boyce put a plan of action into place. Today she’s reaping the rewards, and helping out a lot of other people, too.

If you follow the 5 Essential Elements, you will succeed at beating addiction. This is the solution. Let Bree be just one example of Believable Hope.

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