Words of Wisdom… Josh Shipp has Believable Hope!

At 30 years old, Josh Shipp “Teen Whisperer” is a behavioral expert, author, TV host and motivational speaker who, in just over 10 years as a professional, has become one of the most internationally in-demand teen speakers in the world. Parents, schools and mental health counselors turn to Josh because he truly gets and gets through to teens all over the country.

Josh provides young people and their parents with awareness, encouragement and motivation — and an amazing dose of Believable Hope when it comes to overcoming substance addiction and living the lives we’re meant to life. He has spoken at hundreds of high schools, middle schools and universities, and with more than two million students and their families at events like the National Student Council, National Youth Summit, National FFA and SADD Conventions. His latest book The Teen’s Guide to World Domination was released in 2010, and he hosts his own television series on Halogen called Jump Shipp, where he speaks with real people about crises and issues faced by twenty-something adults.

I’ve said many times before that my grandmother, who really helped shape the foundation of my book, guided me along my life’s path.

My grandmother would say:

“Everyone has something.  Everyone has some challenge to overcome,” she’d say. “It is how we deal with that challenge that determines our future and makes all the difference in our lives.”

During one of his lectures, Josh said:

“All of us this room face things that are unfortunate, that we shouldn’t have to go through. Something in your life is going try to hold you down, make you stop, make you quit. We all have that. Yours is different than mine, but we all got it… we can choose to get bitter or choose to get better.” 

For Josh, his something was family — for a big chunk of his life, he never knew his real mom or real dad. He’d never met one person related to him, and rather than exist in bitterness, he learned to use his experiences to help others. I love how this ties into exactly what my grandmother knew to be true – that everyone deals with an obstacle specific to him or herself, but it’s how the obstacle is dealt with that matters most. She instilled in me Believable Hope, and Josh instills that same hope into the millions of teens he connects with each time he speaks.


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