A New Mindset: It’s A Recovery Must-Have

Jordin Tootoo was a charming young hockey star, the first athlete of Inuit descent to make the NHL. In 2010, he became an alcoholic, and though he never once hit rock bottom, he himself decided to get help.


When Jordin became an NHL star and Nashville Predator in 2001, he became a role model who fell prey to the party scene that so often surrounds popular athletes. And since his parents and friends were common drinkers throughout his childhood, it was easy for him to slip into a heavy pattern of binge drinking during his off days. In 2010, Jordin himself admitted he had a problem and was ready to change. He voluntarily entered into inpatient care as part of the NHL’s Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Program.

During treatment, Jordin dumped his demons and reflected on his decisions… and with the help of a team of addiction professionals, he found the secret of Believable Hope.

Now that he doesn’t party, Jordin says many of his old drinking buddies are long gone, allowing him to make room for friends who truly care – a testament to Essential Element #3: Surround yourself with winners.

Today, Jordin says, “I’m a better person now. I am a better professional, and I now get things done, rather than procrastinating. I don’t even have a desire to drink anymore. That mental transformation makes all the difference.”

Just because an addict doesn’t hit rock bottom, it doesn’t mean taking steps toward sobriety should be put off. Can you imagine what could have happened he not chosen to seek help when he did? Jordin could have lost his career, family, livelihood… and life.

If you follow the 5 Essential Elements, you will succeed at beating addiction. This is the solution. Let Jordin be just one example of Believable Hope.

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