Story of Hope Video Testimonials: Coming Soon!

In a few days, we’ll be inviting you to share and upload in video format your story of hope and inspiration, right here… and it may be featured on this site!

So, start thinking about…

When and how did you find Believable Hope? Your words will encourage others on their journey, and will help them find the hope they need. If you can help just one person, it’s so worth it.

Here are some suggestions that may help you create your inspirational video:

· What led you to find your Believable Hope?
· Who in your life helped motivate you to change for the better?
· What was the first step in your path to recovery?
· Which of the 5 Essential Elements applies most to your story?
· Since finding your Believable Hope, what has changed in your life?
· Share some personal tips on how to transform your life and/or overcome addiction.

Check back here in a few days for the opportunity to share your Story of Hope. We can’t wait to hear from you!