Ex-Synthetic Drug User Rallies for Change

Synthetic drugs like Spice and bath salts are slowly becoming outlawed – but that hasn’t stopped people from abusing them, and manufacturers from coming up with new formulas in order to skirt the law.

For more than three years, North Carolina resident Brandon Cox was addicted to the synthetic marijuana he bought at gas stations – legally. Brandon is now clean and sober, and rallying to remove these drugs from stores. He told Fox News, ‘I’ve done a lot of drugs, out of all of them this has been the most intense, unhealthy addictive drug,’ said Cox.”

Brandon said he would spend $100 every day on 10 to 15 grams in order to maintain his high and often stole money from his family. One day, he decided enough was enough. Today, Brandon works with law enforcement and local politicians to get the chemicals in synthetic drugs outlawed in all 50 states.

Law enforcement has recently been responding to calls related to a legal synthetic sold in stores called “Bizarro.” This new drug is now popular among teens and meth users who can’t afford their normal fix.

Source: Fox News


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