Two of the Things We Need In Order To Better Ourselves

Learn to trust othersAccording to researchers at the University of California, Berkeley, studies show that the part of the brain associated with making good decisions does not optimally function without adequate rest and sleep. On the other hand, they found that the part of the brain that craves rewards is revved up. This can lead to a double whammy when it comes to making decisions about food.

The above study highlights our two needs when it comes to bettering our lives:

#1. The first need is to take time and make sure we get adequate rest. Again, this study confirms the need for us to get sleep and rest, and highlights the intricate connection between our bodies and our minds.

#2. The second need this study brings to mind is our need to learn to trust others. Oftentimes we’re told something, or are given advice we may not want to hear, but then find ways to dismiss the directives, because we believe we are somehow the exception – a belief that can stem from deeper issues. Uncovering these deeper issues that keep us from trusting others takes time, but in the meantime, it does not give us the excuse to not at least take steps to better ourselves.

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